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We always looking for ways to improve our sustainability & environmental impact as a business!

Read below for information on what we are already doing & what we aim to do in the future...


Most of our kitchen & shop produce is all sourced locally, here's a list of our suppliers.

  • The Bakewell Bakery: bread, cakes, flour, confectionary, Bakewell Puddings & tarts

  • Derbyshire Oatcake & Co: oatcakes, pancakes & pikelets

  • Middleton's Dairy: fresh milk, eggs & cream

  • R. G. Morris: fish & seafood

  • Tomson: fruit & vegetables

  • Northern Catering Company: meat

  • Peak Ales: beer

  • Thornbridge Brewery: beer

  • Bradfield Brewery: beer

  • Ashover Cider: cider

  • Cuckoostone Distillery: Bakewell gin & vodka

  • Holdsworth's: dry goods

  • Northern Tea: tea & coffee

  • Peak Feast: gluten free options 

  • Bee Safe Supplies: honey & nuts

The food miles from each jar are incredibly low! They are exactly 2 miles from our shop, the honey is made by bees in Ashford In The Water, processed, jarred and labelled there too! We also take the jars without box packaging, even further reducing the cost, and carbon footprint!  

  • Ginger Butchers: fresh meat pies and pork pies 

  • Peak Soap: Bakewell pudding soaps

  • Violets & Daisies: flowers & arrangements

  • The Yorkshire Candle Company: Bakewell pudding candle

  • AB Group Packaging: sustainably sourced branded paper bags

  • Totally Branded: branded plates & mugs

Are you a local business that would like to collaborate with us? Please get in touch!


Our main future plan for our business is to be a lot more ‘green’ and environmentally friendly. In the next few years, we are looking to considerably reduce our environmental impact through green best-practices. The main areas we will be looking into revolve around reducing waste/recycling more, saving energy and cutting down on water usage


We would like to cut the amount of plastic we use as a business, including product packaging and drinks bottles. We have already begun to start this process by swapping plastic carrier bags to brown paper ones.


To reduce general waste, we aim to recycle as much as we can from our shop, restaurant and staff area bins.  


We have just completed a complete re-vamp to our upstairs restaurant. We have new furniture, which gives the restaurant a cosier and warmer feel. Making it more suitable for locals to use as a hub for group meetings and friendly catch ups.  


We use local trades people for work on the building both exterior & interior.

  • Peak Blinds: new roman blinds made & fitted in our restaurant

  • R. Stone Joinery: work on our shop counter 

  • Darwell Roofing

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