Book your visit and make a pudding

Your group, club or school can come to our test bakery in the heart of Bakewell to make an Original Bakewell Pudding yourself to take home. We don’t tell you everything as this is a closely guarded secret, but you may be able to entice some trade secrets from your Pudding Shop guide. There is a group competition for the master bakers in the class, a prize for the best and a booby prize for the worst. (Prizes for Evenings only).     

Choose from the evening experience when the shop and restaurant are closed and you have the whole building to yourselves to bake, shop, eat and drink.  We are fully licensed. You will then enjoy a two course meal chosen from our set menu before being presented with your Bakewell Pudding to take home.

Or a day experience making our famous pudding then having a drink of tea or coffee in our restaurant while your pudding bakes ready for you to take home.  When you've finished your meal your pudding will be cooked and ready for you to take home. 

If you would like more details please contact us on 01629 812193 or