Create your own box of local beers, condiments and preserves by choosing from our wide range - plus you'll get an original Bakewell Pudding, an iced or flaked almond-topped Bakewell Tart and a Bakewell Pudding recipe tea towel and a wooden hamper box. Please type your selections (six preserves, four beers and an iced or flaked almond-topped Bakewell Tart) in the box provided, or enter your phone number and one of our gift team will call you back to take down your requests. What you get: Original Bakewell Pudding Original Iced or Flaked almond-topped Bakewell Tart Bakewell Pudding recipe tea towel Bakewell Pudding Shop bear Six Cottage Delight marmalades, jams, pickles, chutneys or curds Four local beers of your choice A jar of local honey A jar of local pickled onions Two mini bottles of Prosecco Wooden hamper box Marmalades: Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Orange & Cranberry, Orange, Orange & Scotch Whisky or Gin, Orange & Lemon Chutneys: Poppadom, Indian Mango, Cheeseboard, Cheesemaker's Pickle, Sweet Apple, Real Ale Yorkshire, Caramelised Onion, English Country Cider or Tomato, Garlic & Ginger Pickles: Crunchy Ploughman's, Piccalilli, Traditional Farmhouse Jams: Zingy Raspberry, Juicy Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry Fizz or Fruity Blackberry Curds: Classic Lemon, Passionfruit & Mango, Lemon & Lime or All Butter Lemon  Beers: Peak Ales Bakewell Best 4.2%, Peak Ales Chatsworth Gold 4.6%, Peak Ales Derbyshire Pale Ale 5%, Peak Ales IPA 4%, Great Discovery Ale 6%(GF), Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9%, Thornbridge Zero Five 0.5%, Thornbridge AM:PM 45% (GF), Thornbridge Shelby 5%, Thornbridge Satzuma 4.5% (GF), Thornbridge Carry Us All 2.5%, Thornbridge Lukas 4.2%, Thornbridge Tzara 4.8% Buying for someone special? Add a gift card at checkout. Please note that all of our online store prices include UK delivery.

Bakewell Hamper